The International Freemasonic Action - IFA (in Brazil known as AMI - Ação Maçônica Internacional) is an Non-governmental Organization (NGO) formed by Freemasons from all around the world. IFA, is an organization composed of regular and active freemasons, with objectives focused on environmental preservation, valuing volunteer work and reitegration or the underprivileged back into society.

         It is fremasonary moving towards globalization, presenting concret proposals for an effective fremasonary communication wordwide, reinforcing the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity.

         Its main goals are to: defend, preserve and conserve the environment; promote the economic growth and combat the poverty; study, develop alternatives, produce and propagate information, technological and scientific knowledge which are linked to the actions mentioned in items above; promote volunteer work, rehabilitate the less favored socially, economically or intellectually.

         We, on the organization committee, wil be answering questions and provinding support by email (ami@aminternacional.org) to those sonsidering to attend. .

         For further information, including your enrolment as a member, access the site.